• Certificate
  • 2019 Alibaba Digital Network Business Talent Competition

    We nice invited to the political comite of Chenghai district, our company is the representative of outstanding trading enterprises,and participate in the symposium of exporting trading enterprises.

     In March,2019. Our company won the No.1 of 

    Alibaba credit insurance order March in Chaoshan district.

     Alibaba Sales March in Chaoshan district Mar.,2018

    We won the honour of "millions of heroes" in 

    Alibaba Performance Match in September, 2017

    We win the honor of Alibaba New International Trade Idol in Octorber, 2017

     We took part in Alibaba Performance Match in September, 2017

    July 2017 Alibaba network operators to visit.

     We took part in the Alibaba competition of Trade 

    Assurance Sales in March,2017. 

    And won the third place.

    And we also obtained 1 trophy in the Sales Competition,which holded by Alibaba in Sep.,2016.

    We obtained 2 trophies in the Sales Competition,which holded by Alibaba in March,2016.And our team won the Champion in Chenghai.

    In June 2015,We join a sales competion in alibaba in  chaoshan area.Named Chengzhan.It has 87 companies join chengzhan.Our company have 5sales join chengzhan ,And we won the very good ,Performance. 4 sales won the title of millon hero,3 sales won the tiltle of ali millon hero.One order won the tiltle of Ali Super Big order, 1 good sales won the tiltle of kings of order  2 sales won the tiltle of Ali sales hero .At the same time. Ali sale. Ranked third in the chaoshan area,this month sales volume ranked the second order.

    we got two prizes in the ALIBABA COMPETITION 

    on March,2016 

    we are the NO.1 in our bussiness team

    We attended the "WAY IN WIN"competition which was hold by 

    Alibaba.We got the honor of "the NO.2 of total order amount in 

    chaoshan area"and"the best racer"

     the NO.2 of total order amount in chaoshan area 

     the best racer